About Us

Nickel Boards provides solutions based on FPGA technology from Xilinx. We design and deploy high-end board-level solutions that reduce time-to-market for our customers. Our solutions leverage the latest industry-leading FPGA technology from Xilinx. We provide production ready Network Interface Card which are cost effective and help speed your design making the way for next generation products.

Expertise in Embedded Design & ODM

Nickel Boards is a solutions sales portal of VVDN Technologies, one of the leading Product Engineering, Cloud and Manufacturing Companies that is uniquely positioned to deliver versatile, innovative, world class quality products. VVDN is one of the fastest growing ODM's out of India which is innovating for the next era using technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data, Analytics etc. VVDN’s strong partnerships and alliances with various Silicon Companies has helped the company to stay ahead of the curve by developing cutting edge solutions for customers in various domains including Automotive, IoT, Networking, Cameras, Industrial, FPGA and Cloud space.

Why Nickel Boards?

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